Mainly Music

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

MM Logo reviseOn Tuesday mornings Koornang offers this very popular nationally recognized program for pre-schoolers with their carers! Mainly Music runs for the duration of the school term and during each session the children get to develop their co-ordination, fine motor skills, gross motor movements, social interaction, appreciation of music and musical styles, and language development. During this time you will be able to play with and watch your children grow both their skills and confidence.
Each session runs for an hour with 30 minutes of music and 30 minutes of community. There is Morning tea and some toys out for your children to be able to play with so you can enjoy the morning and relax for a little while.

The Mainly Music sessions are not for profit. The cost per family is $5.00 a session, and this is paid each week you attend. From this $1.00 goes back to the mainly music organization to provide ongoing support and information, and the remaining is to cover costs and equipment.

Mainly Music group leaders are volunteers from within the church who are dedicated to making sure you and your children enjoy each morning you are here!
If you would like to know any more information about this amazing program, please contact Tai, our Family Ministries Pastor! Her contact details are just along the bottom of the website.