Tuesday, 15 July 2014

There are many camps that the Youth attend at Koornang, as well as where the Young Adults lead as part of their ministries.
As a community ‘Sonder’ will head along to Forest Edge Music Festival (March 7th-9th) as well as State Youth Games (June 6th-9th) where we will be able to hang out with the wider communities throughout Victoria.

Our aim one day is to be able to run our own ‘Sonder Camp’ where we will be able to grow our community and have better relationship with each other, spiritually and mentally- we cannot wait for when we are able to do this!

If you would like any information about sending your children to any camps throughout the school holidays, contact Pastor Kelly and she will gladly let you know of amazing camps throughout Victoria through groups such as CYC Ministries, Mill Valley Ranch and Moira.